Chanuka at MTC!

Our MTC girls had a very busy 8 days of Chanuka!!!
We created gorgeous cards and packages for our Israeli Soldiers, filled with treats and useful products.
We took our girls toy shopping, so they can pick a wide verity of toys for Bet Elazraki’s grandchildren – children of BE’s alumni. The Annul BE Chanuka party.
We had our MTC annul Chanuka party! We heard a great dvar Torah, a Channukah skit put on by the MTC students, we did some sufganiya and cookie decorating and we also had our annual MTC Channukah Auction (where students bid amounts of different mitzvot/Torah learning that they will do over the coming months, to win prizes offered by the MTC Staff)!
And throughout the week the girls made their own Chanuka party’s – They got together for candle lighting, food, games, music and lots of fun!