Emunah Bet Elazraki

EMUNAH Bet Elazraki is a warm and loving children’s home for over 200 children at risk in Netanya. The children, aged 6-19, from all over Israel, are referred to the home by the welfare authorities because their parents are unable to raise them due to severe health, social or economic problems. The children arrive at Bet Elazraki through no fault of their own, rather due to their environment.

This warmth and energy that permeates Bet Elazraki will define all aspects of our Midrasha as well.

The goal of Bet Elazraki is to teach these children how to lead successful and normal lives by helping them develop in 3 major areas:

  • Stability- Bet Elazraki focuses on providing the children with a stable, warm, and loving environment like any other home.
  • Academic and Social Success- Bet Elazraki focuses on the children reaching their potential; that the key to their success in life will be the successful fulfillment of his or her scholastic and social potential.
  • Emotional Development- emotional treatment is offered in order to reduce the deep emotional scars with which they arrive at our home, and to enable healthy emotional development.

With this model, Bet Elazraki has developed a reputation around the world as being one of the most professional, successful, and thriving homes for at risk children in the country. It is an institution with unparalleled warmth and energy.

The participants of Midreshet Torat Chessed will have the singular opportunity to experience, and to help create, this warmth. They will be a part of The Home- and integrate into The Home. They will spend their afternoons with the children, as well as many Shabbatot and Chagim. They will live near the children and eat their meals with the children. Through this, they will become an integral part of the Bet Elazraki team.

This warmth and energy that permeates Bet Elazraki will define all aspects of our Midrasha as well. Midreshet Torat Chessed will be a place where girls will be encouraged to grow, but in their own way and at their own pace. Our excellent staff, classes, and programming will be geared towards creating a year of meaningful self-reflection – all in the context of one of Israel’s most dynamic and exceptional institutions.