MTC Tiyal up North to the Golan!

We had an incredible time this past week on our Golan Tiyul! We began Monday morning with the beautiful Jillaboon hike, enjoying the water as well as the incredible scenery. From there we continued to the stunning lookout on Har Bental- where our tour guide Eytan explained to us the strategic importance of the Golan Heights on the border of Syria and Lebanon. Eytan also told us the inspirational story of the Oz 77th brigade, and its fight against the Syrians during the Yom Kippur War in what later became known as the “Valley of Tears”. We then traveled to our accommodations in Chispin, where we had a delicious dinner and then heard once again from Eytan about the current geopolitical situation in Israel and in Syria.

We awoke early on Tuesday morning for another beautiful hike, this time at Nachal El Al- once again enjoying the water and the beauty of Eretz Yisrael! We then continued onto Tiveria, to the incredible Aqua Kef, a life size obstacle course on the Kinneret! We all had an amazing time swimming and jumping into the water! Following that we stopped by the kever of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes for Mincha, and then returned home, to prepare for the giant challah bake in Raanana in honor of the Shabbat Project. Wow!