Tzfat Shabbaton!

What an incredibly meaningful, spiritual, and action packed Shabbaton in Tzfat! We saw an amazing glass blowing demonstration by Sheva Chaya, who spoke to us about her personal journey to becoming religious and living in Israel throughout the demonstration as well. We then had a tour with Rav Felberman down the famous Ancient Cemetet of Tzfat, with the opportunity to daven at some of the famous tzaddikim who lived in Tzfat, including the Arizal, Rav Yosef Kairo, and many others. We walked altogether to “the Metzudah”, the highest point in Tzfat, for some pre-Shabbat ruach and singing, and then walked down to a join a beautiful Kabbalah Shabbat minyan overlooking the mountains surrounding us. On Shabbat we had a packed schedule. Following Shacharit we heard from the famous Kabbala artist David Friedman, who introduced us to some basic concepts in Kabbala and how he expressed them through his art. Following lunch we had a walking tour of the city and then came back to hear from Mrs. Chaya Ben Baruch, who told us about her amazing life’s work of caring and raising children with Down’s syndrome. It was an unbelievable Shabbat!