At MTC you will have the privilege of supporting and loving a child who is not as fortunate as the average child. You will be assigned to a group of children that you will have the opportunity to work with and impact throughout the year. You will greet the children every day after school, help them with their homework, laugh with them on the good days, cry with them on the hard days. You will become a role model and a mentor that they could not have found at home. Through weekly meetings with a trained social worker, you will have the opportunity to discuss various challenges and highlights – the ups and downs of the work with the children. In addition you will learn various underlying concepts in the field of social work. These meetings will train you in your work with the children, and arm you with crucial life skills.


You will become

a role model and a mentor.

You will learn to recognize your own singular talents and strengths within the context of Jewish life and the Jewish land, and will also learn, in the most concrete way, the power of your ability to give.

These two lessons, experienced daily, will complement and mutually enhance each other in a beautiful way – creating an experience and an impact that will last a lifetime.